It’s been a wonderful week here in Florida. A fabulous couple of evenings shooting latex fetish video, meeting a new friend, spending time at the beach and pool. Oh yes, and the iguanas.  The enormous iguanas.  

We met a wonderful vanilla couple from New Jersey, connected with a friend that we made at the Fetish Factory party and continued to further solidify our commitment to making this lifestyle not only our life but our business. 

Now comes the next big jump. Getting into a larger facility, having a dedicated rubber fetish room and turning out the content people want to see. And I’d love to hear people’s response to this question. 

What do you want to see in terms of latex and leather fetish video? 

Give us your ideas and thoughts. 

As for Florida. We’re so in love with the fact this state has so many openly kinky folks, certainly more than DC. Not to say that we don’t have our share of wonderful kinksters in DC but here in Florida they seem so much more open.  We’ll definitely be spending more time here!

We’re also looking forward to seeing newly made friends and connecting with old ones the end of this month in NYC at Ariana Chevalier’s party which promises to be a wonderful time. 

Stay tuned the rest of the day as we travel home to DC. And next week we’re headed to San Diego!! 

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