Our Love of Exhibitionism

There’s a freedom in the world of fetishism that a latex or leather hood affords you. And we love. 

We’ve just begun delving into the world of fetish video and being able to assume roles that broaden who we are behind the masks and hoods. We’re truly dominant (Erich) and submissive (Ana) but we’re also fetishists at heart which means we’ll assume varying roles depending on what we’re shooting and what people want to see. It doesn’t change the dynamic of who we are but instead brings about a heightened level of sexuality in front of the camera.  Which we love. It’s a way to showcase how fetishists exist outside the realm of a D/s relationship.  

 Pulling on a tight latex outfit, assuming a role and playing to it on camera is truly the most wonderful aspect of fetishism.  Is Ana the naughty school girl or wicked nun? Is Erich the sadistic master or the tormented animal? We make it whatever we choose or whatever the audience wants and along the way we do all this for OUR sexual pleasure.  Which is what everyone wants to see. 

We love experimenting with different aspects of fetish sexuality and find that we are less inhibited and far more free with our roles now that we approach this aspect as fetishists and not just master and submissive. 

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