Our Latex Fetish Party (and the Introduction of Our Wonderful Partner, Knotty Jane)

The Black Widow, DC’s Sexiest Latex Fetishist

We’ve held two latex fetish parties and we’re finding that the people attending are some of the most wonderful in the fetish community.  They share our desires, values, etiquette and appearance standards that make creating and hosting these events such a turn on.  Our last event was very sexually charged, lots of fun and a great spring board into the next event which we hope to hold the weekend (but not the same day0 as the DC Fetish Ball in October.

The Fabulous Knotty Jane

We’re finding that the creativity and appearance of those attending our events acts as an aphrodisiac.  And the appearance of Knotty Jane, who we met at the Fetish Factory parties in FL in May, only solidified our love and passion for all things shiny and rubbery in the DC area.  SLYX, our resident rubber designer is so patient and cheerful about bringing beds and cubes that our rubber friends can get into and try.  All the others who take the time out of their busy schedules, (FetLifers “shinydiscobalz” and “dcrbbrman”, Fireman “M” and everyone else who braved weather and conditions that were a challenge), the ones who couldn’t come but nevertheless supported us by promoting and talking about the event (“LaNevah”) and the ones who PROMISED to come to a future event.Snapshot 1 (7-6-2014 9-27 PM)

Florida’s Premier Latex Fetishist, Knotty Jane

Hosting these parties only heightens our awareness and passion for tight latex, kink and the lust that builds when we see all these people in one place.

As for our friend, Knotty Jane.  What a spectacular IMG_1373find!!!  A chance meeting caused by the loss of a blue bow the first night of Fetish Factory parties in May has created a stir and excitement that now a trio of true extreme latex fetishists are now collaborating in video, IMG_1375private shows and live session work makes this all the more exciting.  We see nothing but wonderful possibilities with Miss Knotty Jane who is truly Florida’s premier latex fetishist. We’d stake our reputation on that!!

This is an exciting journey for us.  Please come along for the ride!!!

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