Every once in a while something so tremendous and incredible happens that you must wonder if there’s a supreme being that controls everything.  

We’re currently in a state of perpetual excitement over our collaboration with the sexy and stunningly beautiful Knotty Jane. This is the very thing this community needs, a triumvirate of perverted latex fetishists willing to come together in one incredible rubbered up atmosphere to make the dreams of rubberists come true.  It’s something that we literally talk about every day for several hours, planning our scenes and interaction together. We’re not Dom/mes and subs but latex fetishists showing others how this lifestyle should be lived. 

We dream of being in full latex, pouring lube on us as we slide around latex sheets. Hands grasping, breathing being controlled, bodies bound, freaks being used and a latex addiction being fueled by unbridled kink. Latex pleasure leads to the climax of bodies intertwined, the demands of one or two of the bodies controlling the fate of the third and then as suddenly as it began, it turns on a dime and the two controlling are now being controlled. Gloved fingers probe and explore, sacrilege is exposed and the naughty nuns are discovered by the evil, perverted priest. Twisted latex perverts pouring milk into a bowl that a rubbered cat drinks, gratified her master and mistress care for her so deeply. And then all fall into a half slumber, half consciousness in full latex, recharging for the next round of perverted fun. 

2 thoughts on “Our Future in Latex With Knotty Jane

  1. My wife had a great session with Mistress Jane at CP in Florida last February and we would like to be in touch with her,. Do you have her contact information


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