Quenching My Addiction

Months ago, we began playing more with latex. Clothing, hoods, gloves. Any accessory or item that we would wear during sex. Quickly that became an addiction. The more we wore, the more sex we had. The more sex we had, the more bizarre and kinky the outfits became. It’s not that we need latex to have great sex or even sex at all, but it just made everything seem so heightened and exaggerated. The compression of skin and sexual organs made orgasms so intense they became unbearable in a wonderful way. 

We experienced our first major latex fetish party, we created our own parties and now it’s literally become our drug of choice. 

Meeting Knotty Jane only made it worse. We’ve talked with her, collaborated with her and are now at the point of making this collaboration more than an avocation or business decision but making it our lifestyle. Finding someone who loves this like we do, dresses everyday and can’t wait to do it again the next day is the type of person we crave. Couple that with her stunning physique, brilliant mind and passionate personality and we have found the perfect person to compliment our cravings, addiction and lifestyle. 


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