Breath Play

We’ve delved deep into the realm of breath play and are finding that gas masks are our favorite medium when it comes to this form of play.  The bizarre look and feel heightens the intensity and of course, the smell of latex makes it even better.  We’ve found that one of us will be the recipient of oxygen denial while the other controls. Both aspects have heightened sexual stimulation.  The power of controlling someone’s most basic physical need is a rush that can hardly be articulated.  Giving up control also builds a certain fear that builds a panic which in turn causes the brain to process numerous scenarios about your well being.  It makes you crave yet makes you fearful, it makes you aggressive yet makes you compliant.  The sight of a latex gloved hand closing down over the breathing tube, seeing the delight in your partners eyes and they make you struggle, the feel of a hand between your legs and your mind begins to race with possibilities.  Your imagination runs wild, your sexual lust surges and your need for gratification become overwhelming to the point where orgasm after orgasm occurs.

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