IMG_2686When we saw Knotty Jane walk onto the party bus we were immediately struck by her stunning demeanor.  She didn’t walk, she glided.  More sphinx-like than human, there was a sexuality and beauty that we’ve never seen in another woman.  And oh, the latex outfit she wore! We were in awe of her creativity and immediately knew that this was a IMG_1354woman that we must find, hunt down, capture and take for our own.  Her qualities of sensuality, sexuality, brilliance are what we were seeking.

A beautiful blue bow is what eventually brought us together.  My Alice in Wonderland top hat had a blue bow that fell off at a Fetish Factory party and she IMG_6591was kind enough to pick it up and hold it.  What a fortuitous meeting! Since that introduction, we’ve come to know her, appreciate and crave her style and look forward to a collaboration with her.  IMG_1356We’ve talked with her for hours, gotten to know her and realize that our mentality is very consistent with her thoughts on fetishes and sexuality.  Here’s to a long relationship, Knotty Jane!!

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