Well, now it’s time to reveal all that happened at the Fetish Factory parties and yes, I mean PARTIES.  We arrived on Thursday to find a seamless registration, got our wrist bands then off to the pool where we met a delightful trio of attractive female latex fetishists from Australia.  After a couple hours at the pool we perused the hotel to find hundreds and hundreds of kinky people in all states of dress and attire.

Friday night was wild and only a precursor of things to come.  We made an early entrance and the IMG_2689place filled quickly.  Although hot, the people were hotter and we made some interesting friends that we plan on meeting again very, very soon.  As we wandered around the building we found a number of secluded areas that were obviously intended for amorous activities.  I must say, there’s nothing like fucking in latex!! We were busted by the security folks who said, “are you doing what we think you’re doing” at which time we said, “no! just smacking her ass!”

Saturday night was a bit more reserved although that seemed to be the night with the most people.  The venue was partly inside and partly out, the weather was hot but the outfits and costumes superb.  We spent most of the evening crowd watching and recuperating a bit from the night before.

Sunday night was the coup de grace.  The venue was a gentlemen’s club called IMG_2687Goldfinger and anything and everything goes there.  Full penetration, oral, double dildo, strap on, whipping, flogging.  Again, nothing like passionate, lustful sex in full latex.  We cloIMG_2686sed the place down, had a huge audience watching us and then retired to the hotel for the after party where again, the level of debauchery was stunning.

The wonderful thing about these parties is it made us want more and we will certainly have more.  Looking forward to the Montreal Fetish Weekend!!

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