Another Fetishist’s Perspective

I found this blog post ( and thought it expressed well many of my thoughts…


We had been planning the outfit for months, and finally the day was upon us.

The outfit was for me, not my wife.

I have been a latex fetishist for years and I have slowly been able to bring my wife round to my way of thinking, although she is not as out there as me.

We live in South Africa, where latex is scarce and expensive and really hard core fetish parties are few and far between. However I was determined to design an outfit for myself that would stun the small South African fetish world if I ever got the chance.

So I started planning and thinking, often with a racing pulse and a raging hard on. I sent sketches and descriptions backwards and forward s to various top European latex designers and finally we had agreed on a design. Now all we needed was an event to showcase it.

At last it was announced that a moderate fetish club in Cape Town would be hosting a latex evening and I took my chance. I will never forget my excitement when I placed the order for my outfit. We also decided that in order for my wife to fit in she would need something appropriate.

After a few months of waiting a package arrived at the post office. I could not contain my excitement but my wife would not let me open the package until the morning of the party. However she did force me to masturbate twice a day for a week before the party, the reasons for which will become apparent shortly.

Shortly after lunch it was time to start preparing. We decided that my wife would dress first, for two main reasons. When I saw her dressed up in her tight shiny ensemble it would keep me on edge for the rest of the afternoon but both her and my bodies would be off limits during the duration of the dressing so it would drive me WILD. Secondly, there is little chance that I would be able to contain myself at the house if I had dressed first.

After she had got out of the shower, clean, freshly shaven all over and naked, she opened her latex box of magic.

She was to be dressed in a classic manner, with a couple of twists, while I was to be the daring one…

Her first item was a pair of black latex tights, complete with feet and built in vaginal dildo. My wife absolutely loves to do anal, but we though for an entire evening a pair of tights with both vaginal and anal dildos may be a bit much. It took her a while to get her tights on and to get the dildo aligned and fitting snugly. Once we had smoothed out the creases in the tights I liberally applied some silicone spray and buffed the tights up to a sheen. I must confess that I was naked while doing this and half way through the exercise I was unable to control myself and spontaneously ejaculated. My wife pretended to be angry, but deep down I could see she was turned on. She abruptly fitted by CB1000 chastity device before I had a chance to get hard again.

Once she had her tights on, it was time for the corset. We had selected a boned PVC overbust one and it took me a while to lace her up tightly, something I was really looking forward to as it was my chance next. Over the corset she slipped on a white chiffon long sleeved fitted top. The corset was plainly visible under the top. Next she slipped on a black knee length latex pencil skirt, and I got to work polishing it with silicone spray. I managed to contain myself this time.

Next she donned a pair of 6 inch black high heels. My wife is tall a 5 foot 10 so she now towered over me. I am a big heels fan so by now my manhood was struggling somewhat in the chastity device.

That was her done for now. Accessories would follow later. She did mention to me that she was rather enjoying the latex dildo inside of her…

Right, now it was my chance. The first item of my transformation was a full body black latex catsuit. It had feet, long sleeves and came up to my neck. It also contained a penis sheath and an anal opening. In order not to mess in the sheath later, I put on a condom and then began the lengthy process of squeezing into the catsuit. This took the better part of 15 minutes and due to the hard work and concentration involved I had by that stage lost my erection even though I was encased in a condom and a latex sheath. My wife took the opportunity to put the chastity device on over the catsuit sheath, which both frustrated and excited me immensely. She then polished me up nicely.

Next my wife tightlaced me into a very stiff black PVC underbust corset. I had tried tightlacing before and my body was getting used to corsets so achieving the desired hourglass shape came reasonably easily.

After that I pulled on a pair of black latex stockings, over the catsuit. These were kept in place by 10 suspender clasps that were attached to the bottom of the corset. It was all starting to come together and my head was buzzing…

Next came a complete black latex head mask, with cutouts for eyes, nostrils and mouth. The feeling of my wife polishing my smooth latex head with silicone spray is hard to describe.
After the mask my wife decided it was time for the custom made skirt. This was a clear latex hobble skirt, reaching down to mid calf level. It had a cut out for my bum (spanking skirt style) as well as a cutout in the front for my penis sheath to protrude. It was lace up at the back from the bottom of the cutout to the bottom of the skirt. I slipped it on, aligned my penis through the sheath (the chastity was by now removed so I was fully erect) and smoothed it out. Lacing up the skirt to restrict my movement would wait for later.

Next I slipped my arms into a pair of black shoulder length latex gloves. So now my entire body was covered in latex, although my very erect penis was visible to all, albeit covered by a black latex sheath.

But that was not all. I needed shoes. My wife had bought me the same 6 inch high heels that she was wearing, so I slipped those on and instantly felt a new sense of power. High heels do that to you…

It was almost time for the finishing touches. A neck corset followed, to ensure that I remained fully erect throughout my body.

By now it was nearly time to go, so my wife unpacked a huge black plastic anal vibrator that was operated via a 1.5m long cord with the controls on the end. She ordered me to spread my legs (the hobble skirt was not yet laced up) and slowly inserted the plug into my butt after liberally coating it in lubricant. Once that was done she laced up the bottom of the skirt rather tightly, so I could only walk in tiny steps.

Finally, she applied some bright red lipstick to my lips and I was ready to go.

She still had the finishing touches to put to her outfit. She also slipped on a full head latex mask and shoulder length gloves. I was in no state to help so she polished these herself. Lipstick also completed her outfit.

She had ordered a limo to take us to the party. The driver was literally speechless when he saw us. My wife has a great body, and the tight shiny latex combined with the high heels, shiny stockings and corset made her a sight to behold. The driver must have been a bit more than bewildered with me, as I was dressed in the most hard core feminine clothes imaginable (corset, stockings, hobble skirt, high heels, lipstick etc) yet I had a large erection protruding from the opening in my hobble skirt.

I can’t wait for the party…

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