Dealing with a Delusional Submissive

Over the past year, I’ve been subjected to a challenging situation with a submissive who lives in such a fantasy world that it’s nearly impossible to deal with him in reality.  I finally had to let him go because he could not manage his own life and was incapable of being honest with himself.

When we first met, he approached me as a cross-dresser with somewhat odd fantasies of tentacle based, half person, half squid dominatrices that would envelop him and molest him for their pleasure.  Along with that, he would make claims of beautiful women who were madly in love with him, all of whom were exotic dancers, college graduates and stunningly beautiful.  But no pictures existed.

Along the way, he become passive aggressive, trying to top from the bottom by making scurrilous accusations about my honesty and forthrightness with him.  I worked with him to lower his weight which seemed to always be going down yet he grew in size.  Interestingly enough, he would claim to lose 8 or 9 pounds in one day.

The final straw came earlier this year.  He believed that he could and should be a friend and a submissive.  I guess the lesson learned is that you must pick one or the other and not try to have both.

As he became more distanced and more delusional he also became more threatening.  By revealing some personal details he tried friending me on Facebook under my real name.  He found his way into my neighborhood several times, stalking and spying on me in an act of desperation trying to win back my acceptance and approval.  Fortunately, my security tracks him and has done ample due diligence on him.  Regardless, his fantasies of being with multiple women, getting married to one and creating a polyamorous relationship with the other and living happily ever after didn’t square with the fact that as a 45 year old boy, he still cannot leave the house of his father and lives in a realm that simply cannot be reconciled with a grown up world.

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