My Fetishes…

I love leather, I love latex, I love being bound, I love being blindfolded.

I love to be teased. I love to be pushed to the edge and then let down, then pushed again.  Over and over.

I love to dress for my Master.  I love to serve him.  I love when he gives me control.  I love when he takes control.

I love sex with my Master.  I love being on the bottom.  I love being on all fours.  I love being on top.

I have experienced the most intense orgasms of my life the past week.  I want more.  I need more.

I love looking my best for my Master.  I love that my Master strives to please me.  I love striving to please him.

I love to entice.  I love to seduce.  I love being seduced.  I love submitting.

I love being treated like a princess.  I love having my Master treat me like a princess.  I love being his little girl.  I love being his strong woman.  I love the looks on people’s faces when he kneels, unzips my boots and laces up my ice skates.

I love sexuality.  I love watching.  I love being watched.

I love wearing a collar for my Master. I love being his Pussycat.  I love being submissive to him but dominant to all others.  I love walking into an event on His collar and leash.

I love being owned.  I love being cherished.  I love being his property.

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