An Engagement With the Unitiated

Here is an interaction with someone who didn’t know anything about the lifestyle.

Hey there,

I read your ad & thought I’d respond.. Why do you post this ad everyday? By now, I’m thinking you would have found someone to do your desperate acts of domination for you… but still you post your ad multiple times a day.. Actually I’m sick of seeing this ad… I never responded & personally I don’t think anyone in their right mind would participate in this nonsense…. Just my opinion though!


Hi there B.

Even though I disagree with your opinion, you were at least nice enough to write it in a polite fashion. So I felt you at least were owed a response in kind.

I’m curious, are you familiar with the lifestyle of domination and submission?

As for frequently posting the ad, I do not post it every day, and you’d be surprised although maybe not so surprised that most of the responses I get are along the lines of having sex with me. And that’s not what this lifestyle is about. If you would like to email me direct, my email is

Hey there,

Thank you for your kind response, as well… I didn’t expect you to be so polite. For that, I apologize if I offended you or your ad…

I’m only familiar with the experiences I see on TV… I didn’t really think people were into that, but to each, their own..

Have you found a pet yet? How does that work exactly? Do you ever have sex with your pets?

By the way, my email address is in case you would like to email further.

Take care,


No offense taken. My only bit of admonishment would be don’t be too quick to pass judgement.

As for what you’ve seen on TV, there’s some element of accuracy depending on the show. CSI Las Vegas actually had a professional dominatrix as a recurring character who was actually a reasonable depiction of a professional dominatrix.

As for what I do, as a professional I do not have sex with clients. That’s prostitution. But many people, male and female, greatly enjoy the sensuality of pain, bondage, sensory deprivation and other fetishes that provide them with stimulation and pleasure. There are dominants, submissives, and switches. But the remarkable thing is that all three categories can indulge in any other category without losing their identity.

For example, my husband is my master, but there are times where he enjoys letting me take the lead. He is in no way submissive but enjoys the feeling of the flogger on his skin. He also encourages me to hone my skills as a dominatrix.

Our interaction always includes sexual contact because we’re married. But with my submissives it does not. I have submissives who love to clean house or wear a dress or shine my boots.

Domination and submission comes in many forms.


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