Those who follow me know that i’m a highly sexual creature.  I cannot get enough.  I love sex and I love fetish sex even more.  One helping of dominant sex, a healthy portion of rubber or leather, hoods, gloves, boots and masks and several pounds of whips and toys and that’s my idea of an evening at home.

My husband (also my Master) stayed in the lovely W Hotel in Hoboken New Year’s Eve through January 2.  I must add that I’m a lover of the arts and culture and our New Year’s Eve was spent at Lincoln Center at the Metropolitan Opera.  It’s a reflection of my broad taste and intellect.  We rang in the new year from our wonderfully appointed suite and once the stroke of midnight happened, I was summarily bent over a beautiful, aqua blue chaise lounge wearing long gloves and thigh high boots being fucked mercilessly from behind, a fistful of my ponytail in my Master’s hand.  I became his dirty bitch, his filthy cunt and I loved it.  Just writing those words makes me wet with sexual desire.

We also found a lovely young lady through FetLife to join us New Years Night.  Our requirements were that she be willing to take two of us at once and that she have experience with bdsm, especially the S/M part.  We’re experimenting with electro-stimulation and love to watch a bound and helpless submissive writhe around as the electrical impulses make her struggle in ecstasy.

She showed up around 8 and after a drink, she was commanded to stand in the middle of the room and start to disrobe.  Her attire was quite nice but I was most impressed with the 5″ heels which I wanted to stay on.  As she disrobed, we used the small dragon tail whip to place selective stings all over her; her pussy, tits, nipples, bottom.  She wriggled to avoid them and I grabbed her hair and told the little cunt to stand still.  Her only response was, “yes, Mistress”.  As the little stings from the whip penetrated her being, she began to get into that space submissives so love, the feel of pain with pleasure.

Master stood before here and I commanded her to her knees and to open her mouth.  I slipped a rubber cock ring and 4 metal cock rings onto Master’s shaft and his erection grew to massive proportions.  He took the back of her head and pulled her mouth onto his shaft and I delighted in hearing the gags of a subminssive serving the way she should.  Her continual gasps for air made me aroused and wet.  Master commanded me to bend over the chaise where he fucked me the night (and morning and afternoon) before, tying my hands behind my back and placing my forehead on the back of the chair.  I could feel his throbbing erection entering my pussy but as soon as it felt as though he would enter me, he would pull back, teasing me over and over and over.  Suddenly, he plunged deep into me, grabbed my hips and thrust viciously as he pounded me over and over.  Then, without warning, he pulled out of me, walked to our submissive and told her to suck, to taste her Mistress.

I cannot tell you how aroused I became watching this and when she begged to taste me, i exploded in a massive orgasm from the soles of my feet to the crown of my head.  Master spent 15-20 minutes pumping her mouth, fucking it to the point of orgasm and then pulling back just before cumming.  Each time, she received a brief taste of Master’s cum and I could tell that he was dying to explode in her mouth.

He stopped suddenly. Going over to our bags, he pulled out my strap on and harness.  A medium size dildo that was lifelike in girth and legth.  He put the dildo on the harness, told me to step into it, then unleashed my wrists from the restraint and said, mercilessly, “Fuck her”.  And fuck her I did.

I threw her on the bed, taking my gloved fingers and cutting off her air by choking her neck and simultaneously plunging that dildo inside of her.  Her wetness lubricated the dildo and it slid in so quickly that she felt the full force of my thrust.  She squealed out in pain and pleasure as I kept one hand around her neck, restricting air and another around her wrists, pumping her pussy over and over as cruelly as I possibly could.  Master came over, knelt over her face and told her to open up so she could suck him as I fucked her.  This brought her to an immense orgasm that repeated itself at least 5 times with a final crescendo of Master’s cum down her throat.

Room 1203 in the W Hoboken has been used well.

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