When Your Master Lets You Take Over

I am completely devoted to my master and husband. There is no doubt about that. I will forever be his and he will be mine. I respect the position that he has in this relationship. I know that he is the one at the top. I take care of him, I worship him and I want to fill his fantasies.

We recently attended a two hour seminar by a very famous dominatrix named Midori. She introduced me to a new concept in the dynamic between a master and submissive. In our day-to-day lives and our sexual lives, my master is always the one in charge. But we’ve learned that there are times where the master and dominant wish to let go. This is not a sign of submission, but rather a willingness of the master to lay back and enjoy what he is created in his submissive.

Several nights ago my master came home from a long business trip. We had not seen each other in several days and as those around me can attest, I start to get irritable when I have not felt the touch of my master and husband. I I knew he would be arriving late one evening and I knew that he needed to feel me as much as I did him. I made sure my hair was styled perfectly, my make up was impeccable, and I was dressed in a way I knew would entice and arouse him.

When he walked through the door, there was no doubt I was his. I am the submissive, I give to him whatever he desires. It was a long, hard week and ultimately I knew that he wished to put the dominant side on the shelf for just one night and lay back to be worshiped and honored in the way he so deserves. I asked him if I could direct the scene and he said “yes”.

For not one moment in time did I see this as an opportunity to top or dominate him. I knew this was an opportunity for me to take all the skills I had as a dominatrix, as a submissive, and as his wife and make his fetishes and fantasies become a reality.I am sure that every step of the way he knew that I understood where my power and control came from and that was him.

Even strong, powerful men need to have those moments of release or times in their relationships where they can lay back and let someone else take control.

I blindfolded him, put on music that I know stimulates and excites him, and then proceeded to heighten his arousal through various touches. I gently flogged him, used warm and cold, the prickly sensation of a Wartenburg wheel and various other stimuli. I use my words to craft a scene in his mind, to heighten his arousal and spur his imagination. Occasionally he would reach up and pull my head towards his and softly whisper in my ear, “”Who gives you this power”?

“You do.”

As I proceeded to work my way through various sensations I realized that the person who has the most control in any relationship is the one who gives up control. That is not to say that I top from the bottom but rather that person on top must always take into consideration the needs of the person on the bottom. If the top does not recognize that, he or she does that to the detriment of the person on the bottom.

This is truly a wonderful experience and I felt so honored to give this to the man who teaches me so much.

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