Another Fabulous Session…

Well now, last night was certainly a first for me and my Master.  Our assistant is always a willing participant in the rubber fetish sessions that we enjoy and last night was certainly no exception.  But the exception was that last night we brought in a second very attractive young lady who never experienced the sensuality of right latex.  Both of them are remarkably open in their sexuality and adventurousness which makes a session like last night even more fun.

Our studio is progressing along and we’re finally adding those eye hooks from the ceiling and d-rings under the bed to keep somewhat willing participants shackled properly.  We also love sensory deprivation, predicament bondage and torment.  What’s even more fun is to turn one submissive on the other and sit back and watch.  Last night was Emilie’s chance to experience that dominant side she s often craves and she made us proud.  Master and I directed the scene but allowed her to be creative in her approach and gave her wide latitude to inflict pain and pleasure on our new subject.

Both of them were dressed in full black latex and it’s quite interesting watching the metamorphosis of young Emilie from a sweet, innocent submissive into a sadistic animal, reveling in her new found power and control.  It was even quite shocking to see her pull a gas mask on her friend, cut off the air and listen to her laugh as her friend struggled.  Emilie’s aggressiveness manifested itself further when she unleashed the submissive and ordered her between her legs to pleasure Emilie orally.  At one point, Emilie rolled her on her back, lowered her pussy onto her face and smothered her.  Watching the sexual control by Emilie was exhilarating and exceptionally stimulating.  The perfume of two highly sexually charged submissives was intoxicating and directing Emilie to inflict pain and pleasure on our new submissive was so arousing.

I placed several cock rings on my Master, making his cock swell to enormous proportions and to end the show after nearly 3 hours, he took each submissive, one at a time, from behind.  To finish, he tied me to the wall, unzipped my black latex catsuit and licked my swollen pussy until I reached climax multiple times in a 5 minute span.  As his cock entered me, the uncomfortableness and pleasure simultaneously permeated my body and in one glourous finish, he completed by having both our young submissives take his enormous load in their mouths.

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