Supporting Those Who Struggle

I know this is my blog about fetishes, bdsm and S&M, but sometimes events in life require you deviate from the path and go a different direction.

We have a wonderful friend in the fetish realm that has faced his own struggles and demons in life but has managed to successfully navigate the treacherous terrain of certain events in life that could have led to his demise.  Along the way, he decided to help someone in similar need and found that help can only be offered and accepted by those who want that help.  His hope was that this person would embrace him, his fetishes and along the way, find her way in life.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

After a short lived relationship that barely spanned a weekend, he realized that in order to stay focused on his own success, he couldn’t try to solve the problems of someone who didn’t want them solved.  Sadly, it ended with the other person leaving and going to an environment that won’t lead to success but ultimately, our friend saved his own well being.

Fetishes can be a wonderful way to bring two people closer together. But ultimately, it’s the desire within one’s self to change and be better that has to take over before any of the other aspects of life will be enjoyed.  When one person offers to another, the ability and tools to correct their life and they reject the offer, it’s upon the person who turns down that help to accept responsibility for their life.

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