Last Night…

I’m finding latex sex to be one of the most erotic things I’ve ever engaged.  The restriction and compression of my skin heightens the senses and I’m dying to incorporate electrical play into this fetish.

Last night, my husband (Master) and I had a wonderful session with our female submissive, Emilie.  She’s young and open minded and we’ve exposed her to the wonderful lifestyle that she will carry with her in future relationships.  But last night was all about kink.  Pure, unadulterated, kink.

Our studio is coming together nicely and last night we dressed Emilie in head to toe latex.  I used a strap on harness to insert a vibrator with the head of the vibrator right against her clit. She was bound, gagged and blindfolded. Full sensory deprivation.  For nearly 3 hours we tortured and tormented her, bringing her to the point of orgasm over and over and over, listening to her moans, unable to plead for mercy.  We had her stand upright, bound to the wall and the eye hooks that her cuffs were connected.  She tried to fold her legs together, the excruciating pleasure causing her to writhe in painful ecstasy.

She stayed bound for nearly an hour, and in between the time we would torture her body, my master and I engaged in lustful sex in front of her. She could only hear us and smell the sexual perfume that permeated the room. Our attire was full rubber catsuits and gas masks. Occasionally my master would insert a rubber gloved finger inside of me and put it on the lips of our precious submissive Emilie. This caused her state of arousal to heighten even more.

We unchained her from the wall and laid her on the bed. My master commanded her to remain spread eagle with no physical restraints attached to her. This is what we call virtual bondage.

I unzipped the crotch of her cat suit and exposed her delicious clit. I commanded her to cease movement, knowing that this was nearly impossible. My tongue lightly flicked over her exposed pussy and Masters rubber gloved hand covered her mouth and nose, cutting off air and causing her to struggle. This was mere preparation for Master’s eventual plunge into her pussy. I continually pushed her to the edge and Master restricted and controlled her breathing.

Master then commanded me to mount Emilie’s face and I spread my legs and slowly lowered my pussy onto her mouth, cutting off her air. By this time, Master slid several restrictive cock rings onto his shaft and his erection became massive. He teased the opening of her pussy with the head of his cock and then suddenly plunged deep inside of her. Emilie’s latex gloved hands wrapped around my thighs and she pulled my pussy onto her mouth even tighter. Master pounded her mercilessly and commanded her to orgasm. Her orgasms multiplied and washed over her in wave after wave after wave of pleasure. Master then commanded me to get off her face, holding the base of his shaft and he put his cock in Emilie’s mouth, exploding in a massive orgasm that shot his cum deep in her throat.

This is the pleasure she begs for. Emilie is on the menu for this weekend.


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