Cuckolding Fantasies

I have to admit that these are my favorite role playing scenarios. I have several clients, also friends, that enjoy creating cuckolding scenes. These are a chance to act out fantasies and ultimately, interact sexually with the man of my dreams, my husband and Master. Here’s the latest scene from one of my favorites.

Tis the season to be jolly…..have been thinking about our upcoming time together…let me know what you think.

You are, of course, my lovely and sexy wife. I am the husband: I own my own business, and make a pretty penny, but this past year the profits has been a bit less. Business has been good, but my expenses have increased, the main reason is because I have a girlfriend on the side, lets call her Cindy, she actually works for me, and I’m paying her rent, buying her gifts, and have been giving her many increases in pay. (Back to her later)

Erich works for me as well. Hard worker, I am constantly yelling at him…like he says “I always riding his ass”.
Erich sees how I am always favoring Cindy over him, recognizing and prasing her for her great work, buying her gifts ect. he is no dummy, he can tell I’m having an affair with her.

Unfortunately, this year, because profits are down, Erich did not get a Holiday Bonus like he expected, actually he got nothing, zero, nada, zilch. Cindy however, well rumor has it, got a very nice bonus, and a promotion, which Erich was in line for. Erich is furious !!!!

Well at the annual Holiday Christmas Party, which all the employees and their spouses attend, Erich, decides to confront me, his Boss about the “Zero” holiday bonus, and the fact that he was passed over for a promotion, in favor of Cindy, which he confronts me and says its only because I’m having an affair with her. His complaining gets him no where, in fact, I laugh if off, and totally dismiss his complaints.

Later on that night, while I am pre occupied with Cindy at the party, Erich decides to confront you and tell you everything thats going on at work. How I am fucking Cindy, paying her rent, and buying her gifts.
Erich then explains how important it was that he gets a Holiday Bonus and a promotion, Erich needs $ to take care of his two kids….since his x wife left him, she was cheating on him and cleaned out his bank account before she left, so cheating spouses is a sore subject to him.

You are furious and intrigued. You feel Erich is being sincere, you want to believe Erich, that I am in fact cheating on you, but you want proof.
You tell Erich, if he can prove that I am cheating on you, you will see to it that he gets that promotion and a raise.
Oh, by the way, you find yourself attracted to Erich, he is younger, and in better shape than me, and he really listens when you speak to him, alot of flirting going on between you two.

Fast forward a few days, I get a funny feeling that somethings up….that you may be stepping out on me, or looking to see if I am cheating on you.

You tell me one late afternoon that you need to step out….I decide to follow you. You go to a restaurant/bar, I can see you, but not very well, as I am trying not to be noticed by you, a man walks up and sits down with you, son of a bitch, its Erich, whats he doing meeting with my wife ? she wouldnt cheat on me ? would she ? Is she ? no, no, he couldn’t, he wouldn’t, tell my wife about Cindy ? would he ?Fuck!!! I dont know what to do ?

Erich then provides you with all the proof you need to validate that I in fact am cheating on you with Cindy. He
shows you pictures, and some love emails. Oh and one last thing as proof, at the office, he intercepted a Christmas gift that I bought for Cindy, with a love letter attached,
“Hope you Love the Boots, looking forward to seeing you riding me with them on and nothing else.” Love B-2

Well that’s all the proof you need. You tell Erich that my husband will stop riding your ass, you will get that promotion, a raise and to get ready for the best Christmas Bonus he ever had…YOU!!!

You and Erich are going to teach me a very valuable lesson, and the only ass ridng that is going to go on is Erich riding my wife’s ass…..Merry Christmas…..Thanks Boss, this is the best Bonus Ever !!!

What I love about submissive “B-2” is that he shows the creativity and desire to make things happen and put extensive thought into our session. I might digress a bit and mention that we did another cuckolding scenario several months ago where the client wanted to direct minutiae and it was so taxing and exhausting it wasn’t even fun. “B-2” makes it fun by coming up with scenarios we can actually act out in public.

We have another scene with him in a week and I’ll be documenting it all!!!




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