Bizarre Fetishes….

I apologize to followers for not posting anything the past couple days, I was swamped with fetish/BDSM sessions and everyone seems to want to get their kink fulfilled prior to the holidays.  I did receive several interesting requests for sessions and thought I’d share one.  This is one of the more unique requests centering around foods.  Unfortunately, the person requesting this cannot afford to do a session but i did have a nice conversation with him and believe him to be legitimate, kind and considerate.  I’m also not judging his desires, they were just very interesting.


Here is what he wrote:

Thanks for asking about my unusual fantasy. Suspense is part of the thrill, but here are the elements of my fantasy. I have hated salad and the smell of salad dressing since my childhood days. I especially dislike creamy sour and smelly dressings like blue cheese. And the same goes for dill pickles and beets. These are also foods I associate with being feminine because girls love salads. So I fantasize about being enticed by a strong and confident woman, to let down my guard and completely submit to her wants and desires, which includes making me eat the things I detest. Perhaps the fantasy also involves her bringing out the woman in me? But in any case, the strong and confident woman also has a strict side and will not take “no” for an answer.
She requires me to serve her, and that includes eating salad. If I don’t do it to her satisfaction, she finds ways to “make me”, which might involve more humiliation, restraining me and giving me no choice, or making me service her friend(s) in ways that humiliate me more. Sometimes I’ve had thoughts of my body being used as a “salad bar” for women, and they would drop salad and dressing over me, or push it in my mouth as they grind their pussy or ass on my face. Crazy, no? But those are some of the elements of my fantasy.


I’m curious how many have encountered unusual requests such as this.  I find it fascinating and interesting and although I’m not a psychologist, I’m curious about what makes this person tick.

The Black Widow

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