My Most Recent Latex Session

I haven’t written much about my own personal escapades in the fetish realm. But I must say that latex sex is possibly the best sex I’ve ever had. I know this comes off sounding slightly crass to be discussing it this way, but I do enjoy talking about the fetish sex that I have with my Master.

Additionally, I love to impart to those that read this, how important my fetish sex life is between me and my master and husband.

Yesterday was, on a scale of 1 to 10, off the charts. So often we get wrapped up in our every day lives, in the business of conducting business, that we lose sight of the important things that make our relationship so passionate and so wonderful. Yesterday, we both agreed to take several hours, get dressed in head to toe latex, and engage in that wonderful, passionate sex that we need every day of our lives.

After sliding into our favorite outfits, my master put me on the bed and told me to lay face up and spread eagle. He found a wonderful new way to use a strap on harness. Inserting a vibrator in the harness with the vibrating head up against my clit, he cinched down the harness, plugged in the vibrator, and turned it on. The combination of tight restrictive latex, a hood, gloves, and the site of my master dressed in head to toe latex with his massive cock exposed drove me beyond wild. As he turned the vibrator on, he stroked himself and I watched his cock engorge, getting larger and larger as he turned me on. Occasionally I would reach down towards the vibrator because the pleasure was so intense I felt I would come without his permission. He would gently move my hands back out of the way and adjust the vibrator setting so that the intensity lessened. But I couldn’t take my eyes off this wonderful master who is bringing me such intense sexual pleasure.

For what seemed like an eternity, he adjusted and manipulated the vibration to control my orgasm. Occasionally he would add another vibrator to stimulate another area and it only heightened my awareness. My body covered in black latex and a red latex hood, gloved fingers wanting to creep down between my legs, insert them into my pussy, and taste my juices was almost too much to resist. But I followed his direction, and as I looked at his massive cock I desired him even more. At some point, he straddled my chest, lifted my head and put his cock inside my mouth where I gladly swallowed it all. For what seems like not enough time, I pleasured my master bringing him to the edge of orgasm several times. All the while, the vibrator was going and my senses swirled around me as I tried to determine, should I come, should I make him come, what should I do?

The restrictive and tight nature of latex only makes me feel more sexual and more animalistic each time I engage with my master. The aroma of our perfume, the slippery nature of two bodies together, and the look, make it the most incredible, sensual material I could possibly put on my body.

As the vibrator pattern changed, I begged my master to come. He obliged, and wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure swept over my body. My mouth reached for his cock, I swallowed it again, and I brought myself to an intense orgasm that started at the soles of my feet and ended at the top of my head. This is the way you spend an afternoon!!

He then slid his cock back in my mouth, and I gladly and willingly took all of it. At some point, his gloved hand grasped the back of my head and held it there as he shot a massive load of come down my throat and the joy and pleasure that I experienced as submissive to my master reached its apex. This is what I was meant for.

Having accomplished that part of the session, he then proceeded to masturbate again bringing his erection to an even larger state than the first time. I stood over him, put my fingers inside my pussy and let him taste the juice that flowed. This brought him to a greater state of arousal and he would bring himself right to the edge of orgasm over and over and over again. As I watched and soaked in this magnificent master, I became aroused again. I could tell when he was reaching the point of climax and I would guess that he brought himself to the edge 30 to 40 times before finally exploding in a massive load of come on his black latex. Yes, I did eat it. It’s what I live for. I love to take my masters come, because it makes me feel like a submissive I am to him.

Looking up at the clock I realized that we had gone for nearly 2 hours, and I realized that sessions like this are what re-energize our emotional, mental and physical passion for one another

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