Should Pro Dominatrices Update Their Photos?

I’m increasingly amused at the preponderance of dominatrices who have pictures on their websites that are, in some instances, 10 years old. When I’ve actually met them, they’re not even close in weight and size to their pictures. Which begs two questions. Are they advertising under false pretenses and are the expectations too high for females in this business?

I know submissives have a wide range of acceptance of body shapes when it comes to dominatrices but I believe, in general, that a true professional needs to maintain her weight proportional to her body size. I may also take this a bit further. I believe a true professional maintains her physical fitness so that she has the stamina to perform as a dominatrix.

There’s also a reasonable expectation by the submissives, that she dress in a way that belies her profession. How can she do that if she cannot maintain the proper fitness.

Ultimately, I view our profession not far removed from that of a professional athlete. We must look and perform up to standards that we set and maintain. And we must be honest in our advertising.

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