Incorporating a Third Person Into the Dynamic…

My husband and I attempted three times to add a third person to our dynamic.  We already have a passionate relationship but believed that a third person could be a wonderful addition to an already dynamic and flourishing relationship.  What we found that it was harder to manage than we expected, age differences caused a huge problem because of the difference in maturity and that even with someone close in our age, we ultimately were so attracted to one another that the third person ended up being less attractive to both of us than we originally believed her to be.

What was frustrating with the first two we contacted was their immaturity.  The dynamic is already complex enough but it’s also imperative that the other person needs to be attractive both mentally and physically.  Unfortunately, too many college girls believe that their cherub type faces are enough to get and keep a man.  That may be so the first few years but eventually, if they are unable to maintain a proper weight, they lose their appeal. It’s also important that you know the unusual proclivities of the submissive, that is, do they require some bizarre or highly unusual stimuli to reach orgasm.  Unfortunately, one of the submissives we engaged could only reach climax through rape scenarios.  We also found that she wanted to provoke the male dominant in such a way that he would physically hurt her.  This is not something we could engage in.

Ultimately, what we found is that few people could reach our level of sexual and fetish intimacy.  We’ve decided that a third, at least for now, is not necessary.

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