The Cuckolding Experience

I must say that I’m amazed at the number of men who love to role play as a cuckolded husband.  What I love even more about this scenario is the fact that my husband and I can engage in this together and that, to me, is the best form of professional play.  I love to role play, I enjoy the acting that goes along with it and I love the maturity that the cuckold shows after the experience is complete.  We have become good friends with several of these cuckolds and have found them to be enlightened, dynamic and enjoyable past the experience itself.

We were recently engaged by a submissive who wished to play out the submissive cuckolded role.  We enjoyed the session, even doing some public play where he was required to submit to me in a lingerie store.  As part of the financial tribute he provided, he had to “give” it to me in front of the sales lady, which turned him on so very much.

After we performed the entire scene, we sat and talked with him.  He was a wonderful person that we truly enjoyed engaging.  It’s turned into a wonderful friendship and building upon this is what makes this lifestyle and choice of living so fulfilling.

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