Managing a Submissive…

I have a submissive that provides services to me on a weekly basis.  While helpful in many ways, it’s a challenge to me and I question the efficacy of his services when I’m forced to articulate every move that he makes.  I ask for something to be done and instead of using judgement in accomplishing the task, he takes everything to such a literal extent that I have to spell out every step of the process.

It’s highly frustrating and I wonder if the submissive does this to evoke a response from me.  Does he do this in order to gain more and more attention or is he truly in need of direction on a minute by minute basis?  I’m always intrigued by this dynamic because I have other submissives who are motivated to take the initiative and do things before I ever ask them to.

How do I solve this problem? Do I punish him or do I ignore him? Do I limit his contact with me or do I make everything so simple that he can comprehend each step?

I’m always fascinated by the desires of a submissive and what motivates them to do certain things.  While this particular submissive drives me to levels of frustration that I don’t frequently encounter, I’m still curious about what makes him tick and why he chooses to do the things he does.

2 thoughts on “Managing a Submissive…

  1. I think your intuition is correct that he is leather i) provoking you to solicit a response and demand for his own arousal, failing to distinguish between his desires and your practical needs or ii) is genuinely incapable of taking the initiative you expect and require to avoid the frustration of micro- managing his tasks. Unfortunately if it is that latter you simply need to balance his virtue of helpfulness with the vice frustration. Even more unfortunate (and ( think likely the case) if he is essentially exploiting your tasks for his own gratification then there is manipulation and premeditated self-fulfillment at play that could be indicative of worse tendencies to come. It is a judgement call at the end of the day, but if you had enough confidence to solicit his assistance in the first place, on a presumption of competence, then his inability do meet your expectation may be by his own deliberate manifestation of milking what the can out of “helping you.” As a submissive I can attest to the temptation to submit to sexual prowess at the expense of consideration…unfortunately some succumb and improper conduct results.

    Good Luck and Cheers,


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