Fetish attire and the effect on sex…

Over the past several years, my proclivity for leather attire has developed into a crescendo of fetishism and I truly love wearing it.  I feel powerful, seductive, sexual and beautiful when wearing a tight pair of leather pants along with a pair of thigh high Louboutin boots.  I get both approving and disapproving looks from women, lustful glances from men and ultimately, the satisfaction of pleasing my master and husband.  Gloves, boots, pants, skirts, jackets, shirts, halter tops; all of these comprise my leather wardrobe.  I’ve worn these during sex with my husband and during sessions with submissives.  I’m familiar with the finest names such as Jitrois, Louboutin, Northbound.  All of these make up my wardrobe and I found that my fetish grows each day.  Frankly, there’s nothing like walking into a fine hotel in NYC and getting the looks that I do.

Along the way I discovered latex.  And it intoxicates me in ways that i cannot express.  It heightens my sexual experience with my husband and much like leather, gives me a sense of power and control that I simply don’t feel when wearing vanilla clothing.

I remember my first latex item, a pair of latex leggings from Purple Passion in New York City.  I remember coming out of the dressing room, seeing the look on my husband’s face and asking, “May I wear these tonight” and the immediate response of, “YES!!”

We went to Nobu 57 that evening, a cold night but I could not have felt sexier than that night, the shiny latex glistening under the digital sun of Times Square and the street lamps.  Walking out of Nobu, I saw four women sitting near the front window whose heads nearly came off trying to get a look at this seductive, sexual creature walking down the street.  I remember smiling to my husband, my Daddy and feeling his hand on my behind as we walked by.  A man approached me as we were headed to dinner as my husband hailed a cab and asked, “What’s your name?” I said, “Taken”.  I never got looks like I did that night.

I soon found that wearing tight latex during sex heightened the experience and orgasm beyond belief.  The tight restriction of this man made second skin causes compression that makes my orgasms more intense and frequent.  Of course, the arousal that it causes with my husband may have something to do with that also but I know that wearing this tightest of skins makes me feel and act sexual in a way that I never envisioned. To have my husband unzip my catsuit at the crotch and take me from behind causes a vaginal sensation like no other.

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