To those of you who read my posts…

I love articulating the things that I do in my realm, the lifestyle that I engage, and the things that interest me.

I will tell you that much of what gets written here is dictated as I drive around from appointment to appointment, or just in the quiet of my own home.

As I’ve said, I am a professional dominatrix. The purpose of this blog is twofold. I really do want to share what I know with other people. Especially couples.

I have managed to work this lifestyle into my everyday life. It’s not to say that I live at 24 hours a day, but my husband and I genuinely enjoy the connection we feel between dominance and submission. If I could gather several couples every month and show them how they could make this an integral part of their life, and how they could enjoy it to it’s fullest extent, I would love to do so.

Second, I do promote myself here. I’m not ashamed of being a professional, and I enjoy doing this for a living. It’s a legitimate business with a tax identification number and articles of incorporation and I do it because I love the lifestyle.

I ask that if you wish to help me promote what I do and who I am you do so. If you have no desire to do that but you enjoy the writings that I post year, please stay engaged. I will not post or accept posts that use racial or homophobic content, but I will gladly accept posts or responses that are opposed to my viewpoint. My goal is not to censor anybody’s ideas, but to further discussion about this lifestyle.

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