Dealing with hate and accusations from those in the community…

I will freely admit that I am a professional dominatrix and I am in no way ashamed of that fact nor do I try to hide it. I do find it interesting though, that whenever I post a question on a message board or discussion group that I immediately receive negative comments from those who believe that all I am doing is engaging and shameless self promotion.

I recently posted a genuine and honest question on the message board asking whether people enjoyed watching fetish sex life or in the privacy of their own bedroom. Immediately, I was bombarded by negative comments saying that all I was doing was promoting myself. It didn’t matter that I stated upfront that I was genuinely curious about people’s propensity to watch fetish sex. I really would like to know if people have an aversion to watching it live or whether it’s only preferred when watching in private.

You would have thought that I posted an ad right there in the middle of the discussion board. I made no mention of my professional status, I did not solicit anyone for anything, I ask a question. Shortly after posting this, my question was the lead and flagged for removal by someone in the group. I immediately reposted with the caviar saying, “I am not looking for business nor am I trying to steer anyone to any particular website. I am genuinely interested in peoples desires when it comes to viewing fetish sex.”

Once again, the hate filled responses were overwhelming. But, since I really don’t worry about it all that much, I let it pass and moved on. But ultimately my question is this. why do people automatically assume the worst?

Additionally, what bothers me even more is this. Let’s assume that I was promoting myself or was looking to gain more clients through this mechanism. Why is there such a vitriolic hate regarding commerce and profit? Why are they so quick to make the assumption though, that my reasons for posting are less than honorable?

Of all the sites that I’ve posted on, Craigslist seems to be the one with the most hate and Fetlife is the most open and accepting of others motives.



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