Entering the fantasy world of a submissive…

Okay. At some point in life, people have to get a healthy dose of reality. What I am finding, is that many submissive man live in an alternate reality that simply isn’t possible.

I was recently engaged by a male submissive who wants more than anything to be a “sissy”. he refers to his penis as his “clitty” and says that he wishes to turn everything he owns over to me.

Now. Is this realistic? He has a good job, he has a personal life, and yet he claims that he wishes to give me control over every aspect of his life and live like this 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He has even sent cash as a tribute prior to even seeing me. So I know that he has an element of seriousness in this adventure of his.

I’m very interested to see what he does when I actually call his bluff. Will he give me control over his bank account? Will he signed his car over to me? How about his computer? Or his social media? And frankly I don’t want control over everything.

Am I being unrealistic in my skepticism?

One thought on “Entering the fantasy world of a submissive…

  1. some, keyword SOME, people both male and female actually do want that, but I think that for most it is just a fantasy they want to live for a certain amount of time.


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