I’m often asked how do I understand position of the submissive. if I am purely dominant, but how can I possibly understand what goes through a submissive’s mind as he interacts with his goddess. The unique aspect of my life is that I fully understand this listens position because I to live my life as a submissive. don’t get me wrong, I am a dominatrix, however that is the people outside of my every day relationship. in my daily life, I am submissive to a wonderful master. and to be honest, it’s the position in life that I cherish most. I love taking care of his needs, I love anticipating what it is that he wants, and most of all, I truly enjoyed the sexual satisfaction I get from being his submissive. what I love about our interaction as dominant and submissive, is that not only do I get to fulfill that release as a submissive to him, but I also get to learn what it’s like to dominate someone. I see how he treats me, I see how he interacts with me, how he listens to me, how he reads my body. And yes, how he gives me opportunities to explore my dominant side. That is not to say that I am a switch with him. In fact, on the contrary. everything we do as dominant and submissive has a purpose. Whether you were the dominant or the submissive, you fulfill a purpose. And the better you understand that purpose, and the better you understand the dynamic between you and your dominant or you and your submissive, the better you are enabled to understand the other person’s position.

I often tell a story to others about the time where my master and I were deep into a scene playing with one another. Midway through the scene, he turns to me and says, “you have 30 minutes to do whatever you would like.”

Imagine how flustered I became. Here I am, submissive to a powerful dominant man and now he is giving me 30 minutes to do whatever it is I would like to do. This was the beginning of my dominant education. He allowed me to see what it was like to take the reins. What it was like to control the situation even though during the entire event he controlled everything. I probably spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do and only the last 10 minutes actually performing the act of being dominant. However, this experience help me grow as a dominant because I saw through his eyes what it was like to be a submissive and what it was like to be a dominant. I do truly understand the reason why many submissive’s wish to perform that role as a service submissive. It’s one that I enjoy more than anything else. I also fully understand, that domination is not always about using a whip or paddle or a Flager, but getting inside the mind of the submissive extracting those thoughts from his head and getting them out and exposed where he can enjoy them thoroughly.

I cherish every moment that I have with my master as his submissive. I love being on my knees in front of him, dolling before him, and pleasing him to whatever degree he wishes. It also means that I take care of his every day needs. It’s not just about the sexual aspect, but it’s about making his life easier. And when I do that, I make my life so much more fulfilling and enjoyable.

4 thoughts on “Understanding the submissive’s position

  1. Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    The author of this post has the unique perspective of playing both the domme and the sub…extracting those thoughts from the submissive’s head and getting them out and exposed where he can enjoy them thoroughly


  2. Great post. I understand that satisfaction in submitting. There is no greater joy than to please my Master. It fills me with purpose. I find in submitting to him that I am a better person…as he allows me to be who I am.
    And as far as understanding both sides…I once had a relationship with a Dom who told me that he learned how to be a strong Dominant, by first being a submissive. Learning how it feels to serve empowered him to lead.


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